15 Reasons to Start Web Development Business With Us

If someone asks me if starting a web development business is right for them, I say “Yes!” if they’re willing to do the work. Here are 15 reasons why:

1. You Can Start Part-Time

​If you’re in college or you’ve got a day-job, you can start a web development business on the side and build it part-time. While meeting with clients may present some scheduling challenges, you can work through those. The actual web development work can be done in the evenings and on the weekends.


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Why Choose SimpleWebSMS.com?

Message Delivery Process
What You Must Know about Bulk SMS Service:
Bulk SMS Companies develop Platforms/Software for messaging, and have control on which Operator Gateway/Routing they use for message delivery on their Platforms/Software.
Most of our competitors utilize VERY CHEAP “ALTERNATE” GATEWAY options on their Platforms/Software for message delivery.
NB: These CHEAPER “ALTERNATE” GATEWAY have poor delivery and a lot of limitations/Restrictions, but they use them because they make more profit and are able to sell their SMS credit at a very cheaper price to their customers/clients.
SIMPLEWEBSMS do not utilize these alternate gateways/routing, we are using the “DIRECT COST EFFECTIVE SMSC GATEWAY” which has Best Delivery and has more advance capabilities, and yet we have cheaper prices than most of our alternate gateway competitors. 🙂


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