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Scan the QR Code above to see the Contact Addition Link example. this helps in easy contacts collection

Some Key Features

Our SMS Portal has some cool features we are proud of

Sender ID / Originator

This is the name the message will be seen as "from" and can be your brand name. Upon request, this will be reviewed and activated for you to use ASAP.

Contact Group

You can easily create a group to import your contacts list to send message to all the numbers in it using our Campaign Builder.

Contact Addition Link

This is a unique feature that allows you to share special url that has a form for your members, customers, or audience to easily add their contact to your group.

Gateway Delivery & Acuracy

We are connected to only Direct routes, hence this ensures quality delivery of about 99.8%

Message Overview Pop-Up

This is also a unique feature that tells you the message you are sending's total contacts, message lenght, & credit cost as a pre-informer before you proceed to send.

Mobile Responsive & Report

Our platform is mobile responsive and can be used on any device. Our SMS Report system gives you update about your campaign progress and statuses

Our Simple

Straight-Forward Pricing

Our Plans are accessible / subscribable in your account.

Sign up with Free Plan, send 3 SMS to test, then you can purchase a plan to send more SMS.




/ No expiry

1,000 Sms Unit

Per unit price = 0.040 GHS




/ No expiry

10,000 Sms Unit

Per unit price = 0.036 GHS




/ No expiry

25,000 Sms Unit

Per unit price = 0.033 GHS

You can avail more lower pricing on the portal so do sign up / login for more.

We are open to negotiations, so you can give us a call on: +233541939936 to negotiate for cool prices if your traffic / volume of messaging is high and regular.

Thank you.

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